Hiring an Electrician - Do it Right

A license is an endorsement of the quality of work. However, it also provides a financial protection for the homeowner. Having electrical work performed by an unlicensed contractor could result in voiding your homeowners insurance. Make sure the contractor you hire is also bonded and insured.
Licensed, bonded electrical contractors get permits and take responsibility for electrical jobs they perform. Make sure your contractor employs licensed electricians to do the work.

Any good electrician should provide a warranty. Really good electricians/electrical contractors provide both labor and material/parts warranty. Make sure the electrician provides these warranties in writing. For example, Mr. Electric Seattle has the warranty statement right on the invoice every customer gets a copy of.

Quality of materials
A good electrician/contractor always uses contractor-grade materials. That’s why they usually give the higher price automatically. This is where a good electrical contractor “has a problem” while bidding with other contractors. Remember: a good contractor will never cut corners and do something unsafe in order to accommodate your budget. However, they might suggest on how to modify your plans to meet both safety requirements and your budget.

General advices:
Think twice before accepting the lowest bid/price
You usually get what you pay for. A higher bid may be worth the price in better materials, workmanship and reliability. A large number of complaints filed against contractors are the result of homeowner taking the lowest bid and then being unhappy with the low quality of work electrician provides.

Save your time and money by combining electrical projects.
Think of extra outlets, lighting or wiring that you may want for the near future. You can even make a list of your specific needs. Electricians usually charge less when they do something as an additional task.